Sexual Abuse Counseling

There are a lot of issues with people who face sexual abuse. There are different effects on different types of people. It leaves a deep impact in the minds of some people and some are just able to remember vague thoughts about it. But what is common between all the people who have suffered sexual abuse is the realization about the problems they face later in their lives. Problems such as emotional distress, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships including marriage intrude in the lives of such people.

Such people generally need some with whom they feel comfortable to converse about their past and present experiences. In most of the cases they have to undergo a therapy or a treatment that could help them in leading a normal life. People suffering Sexual abuse are called victims and often a therapy is the only way that could help them come out as survivors. The treatment involves in boosting them with self confidence and the feeling that they are in no way inferior to others.

The most difficult thing that sexually abused people have to tackle is to forget the past. The memories associated with their past can be graphic and they need to process these at a safe place. Sexual abuse counseling emphasizes on the fact that these memories cannot be forgotten and the best way to help a person recover is to make them learn to deal with them. This needs a safe and comfortable environment for the subject to overcome the painful feelings.

People who are not able to remember the past and are facing issues with their current relationships need to understand a basic fact. They do not remember what has happened to them in the past because they were not prepared mentally and physically then. They stay in a dormant state in the mind and before they become active they will only be a reason for your trauma and anxiety. When the body and mind gains maturity then they understand things clearly and the graphical memories will become your present. This is the stage when the person is in need of a help the most.

Such people really need to understand that the negative feelings they have is due to their past and they are not responsible for what has happened to them. One of the most common feelings that such people have to overcome is the feeling of guilt. They should not blame themselves of what has occurred to them. They should realize that as children there was not much they could have done about it and thus they are in no way responsible for what has happened to them.

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